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Designing for Unopiù means interpreting the history and the evolution of Italian/European “outdoor living”, interpreting the sense of style and the materials which have distinguished it over the years. The collection epitomizes these concepts through “Tweed” where fabric and weaving become the ideal link between hot and cold, between bygone and contemporary styles as well as, naturally, between tradition and modernity. With Tweed the accent is on the tactile and visual sensation and evolution of two materials of excellence: teak and steel. A delicate balance between the warmth of wood and cold steel, between the centuries old history of one and the contemporary and industrial note of the other. Tweed originally meant textile framework, a framework whose outcome is a multi levelled woven fabric. The basic structure is precisely a framework of brushed steel, on which Teak is woven at two separate levels. In Tweed the metal fundamentally represents the “warp”, while the wood represents the “weft”. The end result is a collection with character which is well balanced, formally serious and elegant with a strong sense of design. In the new Tweed collection, the teak and the steel of the structure alternate evenly,  creating a refined mix of line and materials.