About us

We are product designers and we work alongside companies as a strategic consultants for industrial design.
The method, the research, the lateral and emotional thinking are the tools with which we create added value and provide solutions through the industrial design, always side by side with the client.


“D” stands for duo; “O” is a circle, a disk; “I” is a line that encloses the light source. Thanks to their interaction, in the DOI system these two parts – the circle and the line – magnetically draw force and content from each other


Part of the Nui family, Nui Mini translates its inspiration and design into a rechargeable table version.


Ceramica Bardelli
Collection of rectified glazed porcelain tiles. Zip is zipper, in all respects. The elegance of the colors, the simplicity of its design, the matt finish and the uniform texture enhance the decorative role of the joint, essential component of the design of this collection. Moreover, the perfect modularity facilitates the laying and creation of personal and inventive compositional schemes, ideal both in residential and extraresidential environments.
The graphic signs of Zip become a style imprint, icon of a new way of interpreting ceramics


Natural is a synthesis between the materiality of the main structure in wood, some icons of outdoor furniture and decorative design, but at the same time it is a risky product, being the first wood-based product offered to the company ‘Twils’ for the production.


synthesis after analysis

The ability to analyze and decompose the project into its components, reassembly them in a different way to create a distinctive meaning: a creative synthesis.

designing through light

Using the light as a tool to frame an object. The light hits the surface with different angles, generatingvarious shades that define the shape: a new details emerges.

graphics as input to shape

Not just a bi-dimensional decor applied to a product, but the starting point that define the shape and the structure of the product itself. 

breaking the boundaries

A single module, one input, that generates infinitive outputs. Hiding the borderlines into the final pattern. The perimeter as an element of union, not division.

shifting of meaning

Bringing something you are familiar with from a context to another. Playing with size and functions, to produce wonder and surprise. 

looking at things sideways

Shifting the point of view. Look at thing form a different perspective, to see new meanings and possibilities.