A stool with a minimalist yet expressive and joyful design. The curves define the metal structure and are the pivotal element of the project; the padded seat is comfortable and enveloping. In harmony and continuity with SI-SI, Trick has also been designed for mass production on an industrial scale.
“In Trick, we can say that aesthetic is a derivation of functionality. This aspect – so basic – in Trick is the element that gives strength, maturity and character to the project. The seat, concave and unbalanced more in width rather than in depth, is the pivot around which the rod frame is molded and wraps it up to the ground. The logical conclusion of the project is therefore the footrest which has the dual purpose of balancing the optical weight of the chair and giving a static effect to the structure.”
The selected choice of colours and finishes (painted or in galvanic matt gold or polished black nickel finish) was made to meet multiple needs. With padded or wooden seat and painted frame or with galvanic finish, it is perfect indoors to become the ideal complement to a bar counter thanks to its great seating comfort. In the painted metal version, it can also live in those hybrid in&out spaces like the outside of venues and covered terraces.