Trame Collection



Materiality, sense of decoration and three-dimensionality are the ingredients that make up Trame a sophisticated walk-in collection that emphasizes the tactile factor, the desire to caress and touch the texture and surface that defines the space of one’s walk-in.
The walk-in shower enclosure model, simple and linear, has been redesigned to offer a refined solution by working in an original way on the glass as well as on the finishing of the profiles.
Glass walls of different types, colors, structures and thicknesses can be coupled, creating infinite solutions and offering designers maximum freedom in creating customized and tailor-made proposals, obtaining sophisticated and unique bathroom environments.
“Trame” reminds us of many things, the combination and interweaving of weft and warp, but also the weaving of a weft, of a rich “plot” that drags the reader into the story. We want to draw you into the Trame Collection through the visual and tactile experience, providing a flexible modular Walk-In system.
Structured and non-structured metals, stones and glass are the essential ingredients for the composition of the ideal walk-in substantially adaptable to any environment. The glasses, of different types, colors, structures and thicknesses can be combined with steel profiles with a natural or PVD finish or with natural stone, marble, lava stone and pitch stone, giving life to particular and innovative effects.