Texture Collection

Fima Carlo Frattini

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Minimalism and décor for Texture Collection, currently in version washbasin mixer, wall mounted washbasin mixer, bath and shower mixer.
An ideal proposal for the contract sector that arises from the interpretation of design as a means of expression of different fonts and styles to best suit every design input. This concept finds its greatest expression in the unusual interchangeable grips, true stylistic elements of texture, with which you can create different looks, and always sought after contemporary taste for bathroom environments of great character able to renew itself just like a change of clothes.
More specifically, the version of washbasin Texture Collection is characterized by a system with three holes composed of two knobs cylindrical base, which combine the linear stretches to more fluid, and a rod by rounded profiles in perfect stylistic continuity with the softness of the whole the line.
Heart of the project is the richness of the finish of the knobs available in three variants, with distinct signs that portray many three-dimensional surface texture: (X) which Cross the naming reveals an elegant faceted surface, inspired by the precious stone diamond for sophisticated environments; (V) Vertical, distinguished by the geometric rigor of a polygon with 19 sides, (H) Horizontal, which offers a three-dimensional effect with horizontal stripes mood hi-tech.
The best personalization is ensured by the possibility of being able to choose from 4 different top: chrome, white, black, black and white marble, for original combinations that tell of a new aesthetic sense and creative custom made.