Designing a handle is very fascinating. It is a real challenge to design something that has been manufactured for so many years during the history of architecture. It was very charming to work for the handles for the company Furnipart, which is a Scandinavian company producing the handles all around the world for kitchen and furniture. It meant designing an artefact very tacit and for a mass production, which at the same time would unify the Made in Italy concept with that knowledge and rigors of Scandinavia. All this was amazing. Dealing with a bridge handle means having an extensive use of the handles, so the research was made for the small details and signs that would allow to be hidden first and would reappear anonymously only when observed by the user. Lights and shadows, morphological edges and transitions create the basis for Stick. The passages through different profiles of the handle sections not only move the surface, but also determine the sharp light edges which occur very architectural. These divide the product in two and make the grabbing simpler.