Sotto Sopra



Sotto Sopra responds to the need to reinterpret the accessory element in the bathroom area. It has been conceived and designed not as a single functional element, but as a single multi-functional structured module, complementary to sanitary wares and accessorized according to the needs of the environment in which it is integrated. Sotto Sopra is a multi-functional ceramic bar from where accessories smoothly come out. One or more bars can be positioned individually, side by side or one on top of the other to form a column. This last option being particularly useful for bathrooms of small dimensions. Sotto Sopra can be differently combined depending on how its functions relate to the use of washbasins, sanitary wares, shower or if used as simple decorative elements in the bathroom. The bar can be equipped with ceramic towel bars, soap dispensers, as a place for hair dryer or fragrancers to infuse your surroundings, pot holders, toilet roll holders and toilet brush holders.