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SI-SI, an eclectic, chameleon-like, multi-material seat with aesthetic strength and substance, to interpret the fragile balance between indoor and outdoor. Four basic models, with characterizing details: SI-SI (smooth texture), SI-SI DOTS (dotted texture), SI-SI BARCODE (texture with vertical cuts), and SI-SI WOOD (seat and backrest with wooden slats).
“SI-SI is a smart chair, which doesn’t base its strength on the mere aesthetic aspect. Content is the king: its strength is content, its ability to interpret the subtle balance between Indoor and Outdoor Furniture and to meet the needs of the industrial production by SCAB Design. With SI-SI we focused on optimizing the industrial process of the chair from its production up to the supply of “codes” in the warehouse. Frame + seat + backrest: this is the typical construction syntax of a chair. With SI-SI we have streamlined the frame to which a single body is fixed, which can act both as a backrest and as a seat. Hence the name SI-SI, a sound repeated twice, or better yet an element repeated twice! SI-SI is a typical project that we call #SPLIT&MERGE, in which we have broken down a single product into “n” different products thanks to the multitude of bodies and finishes. This “MIX&MATCH”, typical of a Design 2.0 approach, in SI-SI contrasts with a logic of “Design 1.0” in which “form follows function”. The Mix & Match of finishes and materials determine that SI-SI is almost a “product system” rather than a single product.”
A frame and four “bodies” with heterogeneous textures and materials that make it suitable to very different environments, both outdoor and indoor.