Showroom Shanghai



Shanghai: 1st Floor Euroart Plaza, NO.395 YiShan Road, Xuhui District, 200030 Shanghai, CHINA   Beijing: NO.2-1-083 Easyhome, Jinyuan Shopping Mall, NO.1 YuanDa Road, HaiDian District, 100097 Beijing, CHINA Artceram is opening two new flagstores in China, in the commercial hearts of two great Chinese metropolises: Beijing and Shanghai. The strategic decision to reinforce company presence in one of the world’s most populous and busiest marketplaces with designer washbasins and bathroom fixtures is closely aligned with Artceram’s mission and the demands of this rapidly-growing market. The exhibition spaces of the two showrooms (250 m2 in Shanghai and 200 m2 in Beijing) are located in the most luxurious, chicest areas of the two cities as points of reference for furnishings and design. Ample show windows face the important business arteries of YiShan Road (in Shanghai) and YuanDa Road (in Beijing), offering passersby a complete perspective on the interior spaces and the collections, subdivided into exhibition areas by black-mosaic divider walls. The Show-rooms are luminous and welcoming, lighted by abundant natural light, wall sconces, and hanging fixtures. Plants and natural incenses create an atmosphere of relaxation and wellbeing. White dominates on the walls and floors, contrasting with the huge female silhouettes in black decal that lend a sensual touch to the Artceram exhibition layouts, the elegant black mosaics, and the precious floral decoration in beige-nuanced mosaic.