As if by magic, the radiator came to life and Piano Move was born: the new collection of design radiators profits from a number of innovative solutions. The elements making up Piano Move are tilted inward and outward according to a rhythmic sequence that is very attractive to the eye. Piano Move is a product with a strong personality. It may be used effectively both to play a star role and to give character to a small space.

Shedding all superfluous additions, Piano Plain radiators combine the essential lines of contemporary design with the unsurpassed energy efficiency achieved through the use of a material – aluminium – that guarantees optimal performance even at low temperatures. The elements in this modular collection can be multiplied according to the need, thanks to versions from 50 cm to 180 cm wide, suitable for both vertical and horizontal installation. There is also a version for the bathroom, featuring a handle for towel warmer.

Like the keys of a piano playing an extraordinary melody, the elements of the Piano Shift model creates an interesting surface, composed from extruded parts arranged in three different positions: forward, backward and in the centre. The model can be in various sizes, installed both vertically and horizontally. Several radiators can be installed side-by-side to obtain a harmonious boiserie that will add a touch of elegance to the environment.