Radiatori 2000

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We restyled the classic die-cast radiator to give it brand new looks, with strong design/artistic connotations. Ottimo introduces a new product in which traditional thermo-hydraulic systems are reinterpreted with a modern flair. Soft and pleasing lines characterise a timeless object that gets across an impression of innovation and good taste for classical and modern style interiors. The design of an artwork is paired with the functionality guaranteed. The lightweight design of the new radiator has been achieved by making use of die-cast aluminium so that the thickness and weight of the metal parts can be minimised while providing plenty of heat in large-sized rooms. The products from the Ottimo collection are modular and may be installed side by side.

Ottimo uses a first electric system in the world that works without oil and/or stone resistance. It’s a ecologic, patented, recyclable, non polluting system (as for exemple the oil system) and specially it has zero losses. Thanks to this new unique technology is possible to have a better heat dissipation inside the element and so allows to distribute homogeneously on all the exchange surfaces. In adding, through the digital control with a programmable thermostat is also admitted to regular the performances for each spaces in order to have a substantial energy saving.