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Nodo is an arm awning born with the presumption of being an architectural element and the offspring of the millennial generation, fruit of a synthesis of natural geometric shapes, which are strong, basic and POP at the same time, such as the circle, rectangle and square.
The square and rectangle have always expressed “the concept of enclosure, dwelling, village” and accompany us in our everyday lives, from the town square to road signs, or simply in the form of billboard advertisements. Instead, the circle stands for simplicity in its perfection and cyclical nature, but also movement and rotation.
In one product, Nodo summarizes these single shapes of geometry and their respective meanings: a great rectangular “enclosure” with a circle at its centre, a perfect expression of geometry that determines the “rotational” movement enabling the awning to function.
The support and box are therefore constrained and equidistant with respect to the circular central fulcrum, allowing the awning to appear homogenous, well-balanced and harmonious at all times, regardless of its inclination. Whether fixed to the wall or ceiling, Nodo is unfailingly in sync with its architectural surrounds, thus falling into the category of “silent Architecture”.