Natural creates basis for an obsolete interpretation of a classical concept of a padded bed. Natural is a synthesis between the materiality of the main structure in wood, some icons of outdoor furniture and decorative design, but at the same time it is a risky product, being the first wood-based product offered to the company ‘Twils’ for the production. We juxtaposed the textile and padding, which is a know-how of Twils, to the wood, by having an almost decorative approach. The decoration in Natural is very clear to define; a double level of a two dimensional graphic that becomes three dimensional by the material of the structure. It represents a double level of branches and a strut, which by intersecting each other, create the backrest. The constant relationship between the filled and hollow, the natural wood and the enfolding  shapes make the bed Natural become like a “cocoon”, giving the feeling of empathy and pleasure by touch and also by look.