Victoria + Albert


Lario is our V&A neo-classic furniture vision, we had a similar design approach we have had with Amiata. Both upper and lower Lario’s part are made in Quarrycarst and they are thought to recall icons and Victorian frames. The central vanity portion, that is drawer, is clearly modern and minimal and it’s designed to be in an aesthetic opposition to the classic frames. The modern and functional vanity drawer is jailed in a classic sandwich, this contrast allow Lario to be unique and inimitable.
This vanity is a really starting point for Victoria + Albert, consider that we designed the first built–in sink Quarrycast ever produced. All the Team had to think how to produce it and how to manage it, but it was fantastic, because this is the classic example where company and designers know how is mixed all together in order to create something special and unic. The vanities production quality is impeccable, detail and chosen materials are a clearly confirmation. In Lario’s drawers details matters! We had the chance to study a lot about Quarrycast material during our Amiata developing process and during our production meeting in South Africa with Victoria + Albert R&D department. We figured out how to use it, how to enhance it and after Amiata’s experience we really wanted to go ahead, and we thought to realize not only countertop basins but also built-in basins.