Home Sweet Home

Glass 1989

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The challenge that the company Glass made us face, was to design sauna spaces. It was not an easy work to do, being a project between product and interior design, so we tried to recreate the spaces that would speak for the strong identity of the company. HSH stands for Home Sweet Home, a space for sauna that is rich and transmits the sensation of the concepts that make a part of our everyday life. In our conscious, sauna is a closed, monochromatic parallelogram volume. HSH project unhinges this concept heading towards the concept of the icon of home with an iconoclastic silhouette with an inclined roof and glass wall that resembles a loft. HSH looks like a chocolate that needs to be unwrapped, and by unwrapping one can discover more and more complements. The walls and floor are made in thermotreated toulipier, with the dark beams that resemble the houses in the countryside and go up till the inclined roof. The culmination of the project is a series of small accessories like the carpets in wood, hourglass, heater and other furniture pieces, all these make the HSH project very unique, which connects perfectly the company with the studio of designers, for whom the design is the everyday life. The project complements itself with a hammam space that has the same characteristics that support the sauna of becoming a solution for mixed design.