Twils and MPA collaborated once again in 2017 to present “Frick”, a bed for Emporio collection. Frick can be considered on the same level of a small collection of beds of a unique design, sharing the same values of Mondo Emporio. Frick was designed thinking about giving most of the attention to the necessity of millennials, which meant a metropolitan bed with minimal aesthetics, which would be tricky enough to be reduced both in terms of volumes and the materials used.  The mainc focus of the project was to design the backrest of the bed in a versatile way, giving to it the function of a “backrest system”, where this part became like an blank paper. This would allow to recreate billions of individual moodboards in terms of changing the colors and materials and mixing and matching them to the backrest of the bed, which, on the other hand is the main characteristic of the company Twils.