Frames Of Life | Flagship Store Milano



‘Frames of Life’ is a 250 square meter multifunctional space spread on one floor. It was designed to express and underline the core values of the company. The space represents more a scene rather than a showroom, a contemporary space where it becomes possible to tell a story, vision or a dream that can be shared to the visitors.

“Galleria Meravigli is full of historical details like columns, mosaics, grits and stainless glass windows, which become more fulfilled with ‘Frames of Life’- a silent space, where the classical and contemporary live together. The classical wainscoting counterweight the modern ‘frames’, recreating the industrial design ambience.”

The process of designing the space was very delicate, because the purpose was to make the English brand identity fit in this historical and very particular place. This responsibility was entrusted to the product design studio Meneghello Paolelli Associati in partnership with Load Architettura.