Euroluce 2019 marks the first partnership between Meneghello Paolelli Associati and the Veneto-based lighting technology company ZAVA.
The result of this new venture is the Flamenco floor lamp.
Flamenco interprets the concept of “deconstruction”, in which each element of the floor lamp (the base, shaft and lampshade) appears at first sight to be detached from the others, as if it were totally independent. Like the bird whose name it has borrowed (in Spanish, flamenco actually means flamingo), the single elements achieve a perfect balance when combined. The overall effect is harmonious despite the disharmony of its individual parts.
The high and narrow parallelepiped is the throbbing heart of the system: its finish and “skin” changes according to the room for which it is destined. Available in the variants of marble, wood, iron or concrete, the base offers a solid support for the shaft that is grafted onto it, while retaining its slender and tapered design. In contrast, a voluminous lampshade completes the lighting fixture.