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A new suspension concept, adjustable in space
“D” stands for duo; “O” is a circle, a disk; “I” is a line that encloses the light source. Thanks to their interaction, in the DOI system these two parts – the circle and the line – magnetically draw force and content from each other.
DOI has been created as a suspension lamp system. The typology calls for one or more parts to be suspended from the ceiling by means of a cable, free to move and float in space, until their weight achieves stability to determine their position. The lamp appears to be stable, but is always in a state of tension.
DOI is composed of two pieces: the disk (attached to the ceiling by a steel cable) and the spotlight (in extruded aluminium, powered by a slender electrical wire).
Two basic forms – a circle and a line – that always find a balance, perfect yet inevitably transient. Their mode of interaction sets the image, position and function. This relationship is the driver of the project, and it is achieved in two different ways, relying on two different physical forces: magnetism and gravity.