DOI Wall/Ceiling



The DOI family of suspension lamps designed for Luceplan has been expanded with a wall version that conserves the characteristic simultaneously essential and dynamic design.
The structure is composed of two parts: the cylinder attached the wall and the spotlight, with a length of about 18 cm, formed by an extruded aluminium module. The two parts are connected by a mechanical joint that allows the light source to bend and rotate on the central base, adjusting the direction of the light. This freedom of movement makes DOI Wall/Ceiling extremely versatile and ready to respond to any installation requirements: a reading lamp placed by the headboard of a bed, or a perfect solution to light a corridor or a museum display, when attached to the ceiling or along a wall.
With its profile that incorporates the basic forms of the circle and the line, DOI comes in a range of finishes: matte black, matte white, matte gold and black, matte white and black, or matte black and white.