Glass 1989

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The collaborative partnership between Glass1989 and our design studio is growing stronger. Both nourish a passion for enhancing personal well-being and the skillful use of materials, elements that are embodied in Chillout, the new all-in-one sauna and hammam combination. The product design heightens the relationship between volume and materials. The spaces are designed to embrace the human body and the materials and colours have been elegantly combined to form a harmonious whole between full and empty elements. The colors of the sauna and hammam walls contrast with the back walls, thus creating a new perspective every time. The seating is created by volumes that move in space and accommodate users in the most natural way possible. Chillout flows along a precise stylistic continuum between sauna and hammam; even the ceilings, which conceal the lighting system, play a decisive role in balancing the volumes. Chillout becomes the place to relax the mind and body and get into a chilled out state.