Blaze is tecnically called a "profile handle ", that is an handle that cames out from an alluminium extrusion and then it's installed just over the upper door surface. Designing, innovating and improving a "profile handle" is very rewarding and of course it's a challenge, because all the handle surface is usually hidden by the door for its 90%. In this case we have to push take to its best what we usually define "doing less, doing better". Blaze is basically split in two parts, one is hidden by the door, one is visible. The visible handle side is extremely linear and nordic, however a small trait, a small chanfer between the upper and the inclined surface allow the light to be caught when the handles is grabbed by the user Blaze power is in its capability to be installed in sequence in a kitchen without meaning to sound pushy. At the same time, every time a user grab it can feel its power!