An original desk project designed for a young target with a penchant for “smart” objects. The desk concept is based on the physical division of the top into two sections. An assertive, no-nonsense gesture creates an uninterrupted gap in the top, devoid of direct connections between the two parts. The stability of the structure is guaranteed by the design of the legs, connected at mid-height by two vertical elements, from which a further cross connection extends to secure the central part of the top.
This creates an opportunity to fit out the gap which – as well as facilitating the storage of any usb/supply cables in the interests of tidiness – serves as a useful track for inserting a series of specifically designed accessories (trays/organizers) for sliding back and forth and positioning as required.
The accessory line will be further expanded to explore various functions associated with product ergonomics.
Functionality apart, Aksel represents a meaningful research into material and form. The bold division of the top enables original combinations to be achieved between the range of wood finishes defining the worktop with other materials employed for the upper section of the desk beyond the gap (leather/marble). Accessories in contrasting bronzed brass add a touch of elegance and refinement to the design project.