Riad Collection


02 Nov 2016

Riad is a clear tribute to Matheui Mategot, a pioner French ’50 product designer who led to its maximum beaty the perforated metal sheet.

It’s a modular outdoor furniture collection characterized by its textured metal sheet back seat that run all over the sofas lengths. The perforated metal sheet combined with materials such as fabrics and the teak we have used for the armrest, and an evoking design define an outdoor collection extremely elegant, sober, light, well balanced and above all finely international.
A special external element that influence Mategot collection is “the light” that represent a “trait d’union” between aesthetic and technology balance; the light draws infinity geometries and offers a very rich-looking surface when it filters through the fine perforations of the metal sheet.  Lights and shadow allow Riad collection to interact with all the world ant the architecture that surround it.