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The world of bathroom design and its functions is evolving on a daily basis. The ‘Fly’ collection of accessories for the bathroom arises as an objective to interpret and satisfy the generation of “millennials”. The accessory is dynamic, not static, so the elements have to be multifunctional, polyhedral and changeable between one and other. In other words, they should have the ability to be chameleons, in order to be easily adapted to different kind of ambiences in an easy manner. ‘Fly’ is a contemporary collection, very fresh, design-oriented and is characterized by two main factors: lightness and flexibility. These two aspects “travel” like two parallel rails; first is aesthetical and the second-functional. This allows the collection to become much equilibrated, multifunctional and pleasant at the same time. The inclined metal strip supports the series of “cross” accessories, so it is not very clear which part of the product represents the structural part. Like how the accessories hold with the stripe or how this last holds the accessories. This underlines the absolute lightness and aesthetics of the product. Other objects, like small containers were added to the collection to help the user in recreating his/her own personal space in the bathroom. Doesn’t matter if wet or dry points, it is important that one can joggle in a dynamic way from one to another, maintaining the functionality.