ADI Design Index

Il Cavalletto


Oct 2013

In recent years the bathroom seems to have lost its original vocation as a exclusive specialist space, and it has become mongrelized, opened up to the rest of the house. The Cavalletto follows this line of thought and design, expressing it through a light-hearted and ironic interpretation which takes it out of the purely domestic setting. The idea at the heart of the design is the removal of the item dedicated to daily initial personal grooming – the washbasin – to the area traditionally dedicated to the “treatment” of objects: the workbench in a craftsman’s workshop. The normal washbasin support is therefore transformed into a couple of intentionally rough wooden trestles, on which a simple “worktop” is placed, consisting of a ceramic beam. The real washbasin, (Ciotola 46 in this case) is transformed into a tool, placed in the centre of the beam, while a table lamp provides a light that can be adjusted as desired for the “facial craftsmen”. All the elements on the beam are movable and if wished, can be changed around as the user wishes. A high-spout tap complements the basin either on the left or the right, or even wall-mounted; a small ceramic tray and a Kelvin LED table lamp (sold in co-branding with Flos) set according to preference on either end of the beam complete the ensemble.

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