Salone del Mobile Milano



Why aluminium | Perchè l'alluminio

Aluminium infographic table concept. A scientific laboratory, where the raw material is converted into a work of art. 

In the centre of the exhibition area, a large interactive table invites the visitor to a convivial experience. It brings to mind the work benches of a chemical laboratory and through infographics, measuring instruments and figures illustrates the properties and the virtues of the reclaimed aluminium used by Ridea to make its collections. Around the large central table, a cube with black walls illustrates the new products developed by the company to embody the best in both classical and contemporary home design, making use of unusual forms, stylish and innovative solutions, a touch of irony, decorative interpretations. The path leading to the exhibition space is lined by wings consisting of 4 metre high elliptical elements in extruded aluminium, styled after the Othello radiator.